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Get info about your current keyboard language layout
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Aml Maple can help you type when you need to frequently switch your keyboard language layout. The program works unobtrusively from the System Tray, but you know that it is running not only because of the icon there but also because there will be a small flag next to the cursor to show the current active language.

By clicking on the icon in Tray, you can access the program’s settings. The options are handily arranged in tabs. However, it seems to me that their layout is somewhat messy and perhaps smaller fonts should be used. It is possible to set Aml Maple to start automatically along with the system. Likewise, you can configure the languages you want to use. It is allowed to change the flag’s transparency level and even hide it altogether. Moreover, you can change the color of the cursor depending on the language. Luckily, you can create a list with the software you do not want to use Aml Maple with. Finally, it is also very convenient that you can translate a piece of text using automatic translation services by pressing the selected key combination.

All in all, Aml Maple is a small and friendly utility that may come in handy for people who usually type in different languages. It has a small footprint and runs rather unnoticeably. Moreover, it is even available in a portable edition, which lets you use it right from your USB drive. The trial version will remain working for 40 days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Small footprint
  • Works unobtrusively
  • Allows automatic translation
  • Compatible with many programs
  • Can create an exclusion list


  • Messy interface layout
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